Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What I wore to work on a Tuesday

Good evening!

I apologize for the size of the image today, for some reason it's only good quality when tiny :'(. 
Riiight... here I am at work hovering above my colourful chair! 

I am wearing a top I got from a charity shop, skirt from Miss Selfridge (I bought it because I like the fact that it can be dressed down for the day and up for an evening; I wore on the 2nd date with my boyfriend :P, and resembles material used for a curtain or cushion as I am reminded by certain people! But who cares what any one thinks, I like it that is all what matters :P
I am also wearing boots from New Looks early AW10 collection of which I have painted the toes red, as I wanted to add a bit of colour and as they are High Street, I wanted to make them look different to everyone else's! With these I am wearing have a pair of bright leg warmers which I got yeaaaars ago in the very same shop!

After scrapping through my magazines the other day to give my mum some of my old Vogues (sob...), I came across an article in which the writer had to go a full 12 months with out buying anything new, she developed new looks by using what she already had, also swapping and borrowing from friends, the occasional buy was only allowed to be 2nd hand! This has inspired me to be even more stingy with my cash and just buy 2nd hand from now on.... no High Street bargains (unless bought 2nd ofcourse :P). 

Lets see how long I can go!

I will post images of the other great things that I have found in the charity shops/2nd hand over the years, then I will have some competition for the bargains I am sure! :)

Becksy xxxx

Ps Still haven't found my camera.... will look again tonight, I promise. 

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