Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What I have been wearing for work!

At the moment I work two jobs; one of them is in a cute little boutique where I get to dress up everyday!

I will let you see what I have been wearing for my work;

Also at this job I get the opportunity to dress the windows and do other aspects of the visual merchandising, check these images out!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hello again and welcome!

I first of all apologise for not posting in a while!
Recently I have discovered a great blog which is rather controversial and funny but with serious undertones related to the fickleness of the Fashion industry. I suggest checking it out if you get a moment! www.ihurtiaminfashion.com

Digory and Polly in early stages (FMP)
Recently I made a doll which is the first since I made my two life sized dolls for my FMP! It is yet to be clothed!

Yet to be clothed and named! I like to think that this doll is an improvement on Polly and
Digory. My dream is to one day make a life sized doll that can stand on it's own but still be
able to be bent into shape!
The final image of my 10 piece magazine spread for my FMP.