Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh creativity welcome back!

There is something about feeling emotional that makes me creative. Today I have been busy designing and making a pair of shoes for me to wear for the graduation in 1 1/2 weeks time. I have been coveting a pair of shoes from Schuh for ages but didn't like the look of the £50 price tag. So I decided to make myself a pair of unique shoes based on  the shoes I liked, but my shoes cost me a grand total of: £0 to make plus they will be totally original, unlike the ones from Schuh and 100% eco-friendly! It is at moments like these I wonder why any body would want to spend so much money to look like everyone else :P.

This is the other shoe, just to show what the shoe looked like before I adapted
 it! Please note that I had already changed these shoes to silver from the multi
colour that I have made them before :P.

This is the beauty! I made a pattern for the fabric by using an
old piece of calico to work out how I wanted it too look. This
originally was going to go on another pair of shoes, but I then
thought these ones would be perfect! Not too high and rather
comfy too :P

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  1. Come back tomorrow to see how I get on customising my brothers old hoodie and doing the other shoe :P