Monday, 15 November 2010

Good evening!

My trouser boots, really simple to make for a complete transformation
of your favourite boot. 1) Cut the legs off a old pair of jeans/trousers
and 2) pop upside down onto boot (so the widest point covers the
main part of the boot). 3) Pin along back seam then stitch to fit or use
buckles such as the one on my boot to hold it in place.

The original hoodie

Turn inside out; unless you want the seams on the outside!
Add needles to where you want the seam to run and to show
how much you need to chop off.

This is work in progress atm!
I have spent today being creative also but not as creative as I was yesterday I must say. I have made a pair of boots, started on another pair and started the first stage of my hoodie-dress!

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