Thursday, 2 December 2010

Last days!

It is my last day at the office tomorrow :(, I am going to have to think of another way to show you what I wear everyday! (Though I apologise for not doing thus so recently :( ) For my graduation I decided on a beige dress with statement shoes and simple hair to make the statement that I wanted ;). I will show you the look soon!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SILKE arts Artist's portfolio

This is my boyfriends work; I shouldn't really be promoting it as it could be seen as favouritism ;). But here you go!

Color By Numbers: Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection

Color By Numbers: Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat Capsule Collection

Oh I do love his work, these Jean Michel Basquiat inspired shoes for Reebok tick all my boxes!

Monday, 15 November 2010

T'is that time of year

It is that time of year that I start thinking about what to get everyone for xmas and how much to spend. Is it better to buy loads of little presents or one big present for the same amount? Hmmm I never know what to get everyone! But I have found some good presents for the men in my life;
T-shirts are always welcome! New Look and Topman have good ones.
Scarves are useful as well! Urban outfitters have one that remind me of Rupert the Bear's which would look very cute on my man ;)
OR what I should do is make people things for xmas :) get out my sewing machine hmmmmm.....

Good evening!

My trouser boots, really simple to make for a complete transformation
of your favourite boot. 1) Cut the legs off a old pair of jeans/trousers
and 2) pop upside down onto boot (so the widest point covers the
main part of the boot). 3) Pin along back seam then stitch to fit or use
buckles such as the one on my boot to hold it in place.

The original hoodie

Turn inside out; unless you want the seams on the outside!
Add needles to where you want the seam to run and to show
how much you need to chop off.

This is work in progress atm!
I have spent today being creative also but not as creative as I was yesterday I must say. I have made a pair of boots, started on another pair and started the first stage of my hoodie-dress!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh creativity welcome back!

There is something about feeling emotional that makes me creative. Today I have been busy designing and making a pair of shoes for me to wear for the graduation in 1 1/2 weeks time. I have been coveting a pair of shoes from Schuh for ages but didn't like the look of the £50 price tag. So I decided to make myself a pair of unique shoes based on  the shoes I liked, but my shoes cost me a grand total of: £0 to make plus they will be totally original, unlike the ones from Schuh and 100% eco-friendly! It is at moments like these I wonder why any body would want to spend so much money to look like everyone else :P.

This is the other shoe, just to show what the shoe looked like before I adapted
 it! Please note that I had already changed these shoes to silver from the multi
colour that I have made them before :P.

This is the beauty! I made a pattern for the fabric by using an
old piece of calico to work out how I wanted it too look. This
originally was going to go on another pair of shoes, but I then
thought these ones would be perfect! Not too high and rather
comfy too :P

Friday, 12 November 2010

What I wore on Wednesday and today!

 On Wednesday I wore a dress that I purchased from a charity shop in Bowness, a jacket that I have customized and a faux fur bolero. I am wearing my favourite boots and scarf with a red bag to stop the look from being too 'vintage' a modern twist on granny chic!
This is what I wore today, kept rather sleek with a jersey dress from Dotty P's and my trusty office favourite, my Miss Selfridges jacket! When I am shopping I calculate the cost of every item per wear, this way a bargain from Primark can end up costing more than a £90 coat from Topshop for example!
I am wearing on my legs a pair of jodhpurs from Zara, leg warmers and my silver boots, who knows what colour they will be next week!

Bye for now :) xxxxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Woww won the boots I wanted! Yayyy!

Check them out!

Good evening! Hope I find you well!

This is what I wore today for work :P.
Not as exciting and colourful as previous days as I was feeling the need to be warm rather than fashionable today (it happens sometimes!). I am wearing my favourite dress from a boutique with a long sleeved jersey underneath, a cropped sweat shirt over the top with a shawl neck military inspired long cardigan coat (from Topshop AW09) to keep me snuggly! I am accessorised with black knit tights and my trusty silver boots :P. 

I have been lusting after knitted leggings for a while now and whilst browsing ebay came accross these beauties;

I am also hoping to win a pair of lush boots tonight too!

Becksy xxx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What I am coveting today

After being majorly disappointed with the boots I bought from Joules (they were fraying at the back where the synthetic material met the suede :'( ), I have been hunting for the perfect boots. On ebay I have found some lovely alternatives! They are better quality and cheaper; with that already loved and scuffed appeal :P. I keep thinking that I need to buy some girly shoes but I always end up buying boots, I just love them and don't know why hmmmm....

This is one boot I am looking at right now, these are a tad too neat for me; but it may be your style!
Click below!

What I wore to work on a Tuesday

Good evening!

I apologize for the size of the image today, for some reason it's only good quality when tiny :'(. 
Riiight... here I am at work hovering above my colourful chair! 

I am wearing a top I got from a charity shop, skirt from Miss Selfridge (I bought it because I like the fact that it can be dressed down for the day and up for an evening; I wore on the 2nd date with my boyfriend :P, and resembles material used for a curtain or cushion as I am reminded by certain people! But who cares what any one thinks, I like it that is all what matters :P
I am also wearing boots from New Looks early AW10 collection of which I have painted the toes red, as I wanted to add a bit of colour and as they are High Street, I wanted to make them look different to everyone else's! With these I am wearing have a pair of bright leg warmers which I got yeaaaars ago in the very same shop!

After scrapping through my magazines the other day to give my mum some of my old Vogues (sob...), I came across an article in which the writer had to go a full 12 months with out buying anything new, she developed new looks by using what she already had, also swapping and borrowing from friends, the occasional buy was only allowed to be 2nd hand! This has inspired me to be even more stingy with my cash and just buy 2nd hand from now on.... no High Street bargains (unless bought 2nd ofcourse :P). 

Lets see how long I can go!

I will post images of the other great things that I have found in the charity shops/2nd hand over the years, then I will have some competition for the bargains I am sure! :)

Becksy xxxx

Ps Still haven't found my camera.... will look again tonight, I promise. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

What I am wearing today!

Hello everyone! This is me at work in my get up. I am wearing a scarf I got off ebay, a blouse from River Island concession 'Love conquers', eco-friendly jeans from Monkee Genes which I have added a lace 'racing' stripe to each leg, 2nd hand khaki green Military socks which I bought to style a fashion show and silver boots which were originally multi coloured, see below!! The outfit is smartened up for work with this fitted blazer from Miss Selfridge. My style consists of colour and more colour! Because I am petite I have to find fitted clothing to make me look taller and tend to wear short dresses and skirts to lengthen my legs :).

See you again tomorrow!

Ps In my next post I will show you step by step how to make the hoodie dress I was telling you about on Saturday! (Thats if I can find my camera...)

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Tomorrow I am going to be extra creative all day; and will be posting images of how I will make one of my brothers oversized old 'emo' hoodies into a cute hoodie-dress for me to wear with tights, thick socks and boots!

I also find myself looking back at our degree show video and thinking that we are a talented group!
Check out the video on youtube, here is the link; 

I hope that everyone will achieve the success they deserve! See you all soon at the graduation :) (ohhh and what do I wear to that?????? Definitely not a white shirt and boring black skirt thank you very much!)

Bye bye for now!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh what a colourful day!


Today I felt extra confident enough to wear an outfit which is deemed a little OTT for my place of work :P; faux leather 'treggings', a velvet body worn underneath a pussybow sheer Topshop top, black and white leg warmers and a red jacket!! All this was accessorised with my favourite pair of boots (customised by me!), knitted mittens and one of my own recycled bags :P... hmmm I love layers... it's ironic to me that layering is trendy in a season that requires it! This morning I felt rather rubbish but after spending the day wearing my bright colours I very soon perked up!

I think we need to wear more colour! Us Brits don't wear enough! Wear it to perk yourself up during the dreary short days of winter!

Perfect for all ages; don't resort to black just because you don't think colour suits you; find your perfect hue! 

Becksy Lou xxx

Ps I am writing this in my bed which is  very crowded with April (collie dog) and Kent (cat), both are black and white, and asleep awwww :P

Thursday, 4 November 2010


A image by Hipgnosis that I used to inspire my FMP, some inspiring and surreal images! I love it!

My first post! Woo!

Hello everybody!
Just to let you all know a little about me. I am a Fashion Graduate who is creatively frustrated at the moment, I am searching for a project and a creative output! This may just be the perfect project for me! My boss suggested to me to do a blog about what I wear every day; how I put my outfits together and bits such as customizing my clothes and accessories. I apparently have a interesting style!

I want to share how I get my look together!

I really hope that I can inspire others to dig out the sewing machines and paint brushes!
bye bye for now!

Becksy Lou