Monday, 9 May 2011

Ohh those glorious glasses

If you are like me, we will get on famously! I have an obsession at the moment with accessories, most namely glasses.
My most recent purchase for a shoot were these glasses from River Island, that I have kept for myself! They are very quirky and guaranteed to get a second glance. Retailing at £12.99.
Buy them here!

I was just this moment browsing like you do :P, and came across these excellent glasses! They are awesome, would be great to add to my dressing up box and perhaps great for a shoot too.
Retailing at £18.00 makes them pricey but they are soooo worth it! Buy them at They are available in another colour too, but these are the most 70's looking ones, they have cheaper alternatives also!

Wedding dresses!

Hey everyone I know I am late here with all the Royal Wedding talk etc, but I have just came across an article on the Telegraph  website showing all the previous Royal Brides wedding dresses and I couldn't help thinking how great the Queen and the Duke look in their wedding photo all those years ago.

The Queen mother shows off in true 1920's style! (below).

I have included the below bride because I consider the dress to be the nicest out of all in the collection.
Sophie Winkleman and Lord Fredrick Windsor 2005.

For more images check out;

Room a searching!

It has came to the point where I am looking at rooms to rent. It all seems to be about price! Should I go for something a bit more pricey, and maybe not very nice, but more central and thus save money on travel? Or should I go for something nicer and further out, and have to pay a lot for travel? 
Hmmm... when it comes down to it there is actually not a great deal of difference in prices in places that are more central, the only compromise is on space. Another thing bugging me is whether to bike into the city centre or travel on the tube, there is not a great deal of difference seeing as both will result in me getting to my destination with sweat pouring down in this heat! One difference is whether I will be riding the bike in a suit and perhaps a pencil skirt that restricts the legs, that will be a sight to behold!

My bike is very beautiful, and the new love my life. I can take it any where pretty much, is quicker than walking, and even enjoys the same things as me! (aka cycling around London town visiting art galleries and museums).

Some piccies from our recent London tours;

Kensington Palace; I love the colours of these tourists jackets, and the lady with the red coat and matching boots.

Pinner Road, Oxhey, Watford. A cycle ride to explore my local area.

Cassiobury Park, Watford

I don't really need to tell you where this is do I? OK then it is on Westminister bridge above the Thames, in the distance you can see The houses of Parliament to the left and the London Eye to the right.

Just happened to be biking through London to meet a friend at Zine Festival in East London, I got to London about 2 hours before I had to meet her so decided to ride around and enjoy the sun. I was biking to visit the Queen for tea and scones when I came across all these people out side the Palace. Of course it was the London Marathon and I didn't realize! That's what I love about London, always something on! (5 mentions of London in this paragraph :-/)

Also free advertising for Barclays cycle hire perhaps?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

H&M Menswear

Please note that all of the below have been styled by me via 'Dressing room' which is a part of the H&M website.

Mens casual wear idea.

Smart/casual wear;

New Look

New Look - from H&M

Products in this look:

Shoes, Trousers, Shirt, Cardigan, Blazer, BagH;amp;

Formal wear;

New Look

New Look - from H&M

Products in this look:

Shoes, Shirt, Trousers, Tie, Grandad top, Belt, Jacket, BagH;amp;

My summer wardrobe

I don't know about you but after a quick scan of my wardrobe I can see that most of my recent purchases for the summer months have been from H&M. The reason for this, in case you are wondering, is that the brand is offering good quality products with good fit at easy on the pocket prices, also they have awesome sales for the bargain hunters amongst us!

H&M is the place to go for your colour blocking basics, great prints and some unique finds.

I love the dressing room tool that allows you experiment with the looks!


The look below would be perfect for a lunch date;

Alternatively for a laid back look check out below. Be daring and clash prints and colour, just make sure that you have neutral colours on hand the tone them down! See hat, shoes and necklaces.

This is a good look (below)  for people who want to add colour to their look in a subtle way, would work for work or for a night out.

For work this is a excellent look and it shows how versatile the blazer is. If you are not brave go for one piece of vibrant colour and keep the rest neutral for a sophisticated look.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Feeling inspired!

After relocating to London just under 2 months ago I have started feeling myself being pulled towards the formal dressing of the great cities suited workers. It has definitely inspired me to neaten up my appearance as I make the transition from fashion student to professional. It feels good to take pride in your appearance and a great suit helps you feel the part; In my suit I feel professional, I feel confident, I feel that I can conquer anything, it also makes me feel respected, and for once in my life I happily join the crowd.

For a menswear shoot that I styled last week I found a great 3 piece suit in Primark of all places, it is in fact amazing quality for the brand and is a excellent fit (but as is fast fashions way, you will see millions of others world wide wearing the same outfit! Also the suit is not guaranteed to last longer than a year in respects to fashion and also to the quality). 

I believe, if you can afford it, that it is important to invest in a suit of high quality and excellent craftsmanship that will last you years upon years, one that is versatile and can be worn for all occasions. You can either buy ready to wear or you can have a bespoke suit made.

Above the trousers, waistcoat and gloves by Primark, shoes by Becksy Lou Redesign (check out my website, belt from Peacocks, hat from 'Party party' Watford, scarf from The Hen House boutique ( and shirt model's own.

Model; Tommy Harrison
Photographer; Daniele Cuccia Photography
Stylist; Me!

A sneaky look at my recent work

Top one: a 60's shoot, bottom one a menswear tailored look influenced
originally by Victorian era menswear.

As for clothing; top in 60's shoot lent to me by my Aunt, trousers and belt
part of selection brought a long by MUA, shoes model's own.

Bottom shoot; trousers, shirt and jacket kindly brought along by model,
sunglasses actually belong to the photographer, and scarves belong to 

Let me know you thoughts! 

To see more of my work check out:

Thanks :)

My website

Check out my website and recent styling work. I am currently doing styling work on the side of looking for a great job full time within fashion retail, and will be doing styling as my creative outlet on the side!

Let me know what you think of my website,
Becksy :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Inspiration from anywhere!

Take a look at the photo below, that I had took on a tube journey today, It looks to me like a accidental work of art, beautiful aye!

I don't know about you, but for us in London the day was stunning; blue sky and beautiful sun set.
Check out my images below that I took in Hyde Park. Days like today are awesome for photography, I find that the colours look so vibrant and exciting!

Bye for now, many mwahs, 
Becksy xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Hello everyone! I am much excited! Have just relocated to London to kick start my career and hopefully kick my shoe redesign project into shape. During my time here I will update my page with an interesting photo everyday, it could be something that inspires me or just a boring object that I find interesting! I am also set with loads of fashionable clobber to create so eccentric yet interesting outfits.

Check out my facebook page designated to my project!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What I have been wearing for work!

At the moment I work two jobs; one of them is in a cute little boutique where I get to dress up everyday!

I will let you see what I have been wearing for my work;

Also at this job I get the opportunity to dress the windows and do other aspects of the visual merchandising, check these images out!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hello again and welcome!

I first of all apologise for not posting in a while!
Recently I have discovered a great blog which is rather controversial and funny but with serious undertones related to the fickleness of the Fashion industry. I suggest checking it out if you get a moment!

Digory and Polly in early stages (FMP)
Recently I made a doll which is the first since I made my two life sized dolls for my FMP! It is yet to be clothed!

Yet to be clothed and named! I like to think that this doll is an improvement on Polly and
Digory. My dream is to one day make a life sized doll that can stand on it's own but still be
able to be bent into shape!
The final image of my 10 piece magazine spread for my FMP.