Monday, 9 May 2011

Room a searching!

It has came to the point where I am looking at rooms to rent. It all seems to be about price! Should I go for something a bit more pricey, and maybe not very nice, but more central and thus save money on travel? Or should I go for something nicer and further out, and have to pay a lot for travel? 
Hmmm... when it comes down to it there is actually not a great deal of difference in prices in places that are more central, the only compromise is on space. Another thing bugging me is whether to bike into the city centre or travel on the tube, there is not a great deal of difference seeing as both will result in me getting to my destination with sweat pouring down in this heat! One difference is whether I will be riding the bike in a suit and perhaps a pencil skirt that restricts the legs, that will be a sight to behold!

My bike is very beautiful, and the new love my life. I can take it any where pretty much, is quicker than walking, and even enjoys the same things as me! (aka cycling around London town visiting art galleries and museums).

Some piccies from our recent London tours;

Kensington Palace; I love the colours of these tourists jackets, and the lady with the red coat and matching boots.

Pinner Road, Oxhey, Watford. A cycle ride to explore my local area.

Cassiobury Park, Watford

I don't really need to tell you where this is do I? OK then it is on Westminister bridge above the Thames, in the distance you can see The houses of Parliament to the left and the London Eye to the right.

Just happened to be biking through London to meet a friend at Zine Festival in East London, I got to London about 2 hours before I had to meet her so decided to ride around and enjoy the sun. I was biking to visit the Queen for tea and scones when I came across all these people out side the Palace. Of course it was the London Marathon and I didn't realize! That's what I love about London, always something on! (5 mentions of London in this paragraph :-/)

Also free advertising for Barclays cycle hire perhaps?

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