Thursday, 5 May 2011

Feeling inspired!

After relocating to London just under 2 months ago I have started feeling myself being pulled towards the formal dressing of the great cities suited workers. It has definitely inspired me to neaten up my appearance as I make the transition from fashion student to professional. It feels good to take pride in your appearance and a great suit helps you feel the part; In my suit I feel professional, I feel confident, I feel that I can conquer anything, it also makes me feel respected, and for once in my life I happily join the crowd.

For a menswear shoot that I styled last week I found a great 3 piece suit in Primark of all places, it is in fact amazing quality for the brand and is a excellent fit (but as is fast fashions way, you will see millions of others world wide wearing the same outfit! Also the suit is not guaranteed to last longer than a year in respects to fashion and also to the quality). 

I believe, if you can afford it, that it is important to invest in a suit of high quality and excellent craftsmanship that will last you years upon years, one that is versatile and can be worn for all occasions. You can either buy ready to wear or you can have a bespoke suit made.

Above the trousers, waistcoat and gloves by Primark, shoes by Becksy Lou Redesign (check out my website, belt from Peacocks, hat from 'Party party' Watford, scarf from The Hen House boutique ( and shirt model's own.

Model; Tommy Harrison
Photographer; Daniele Cuccia Photography
Stylist; Me!

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